Text, Play, Performance

York / NEW YORK - Making short work of it...

Began in September 2008 at the International Conference Writing Encounters at York St John University. Claire Hind curated a series of commissions in partnership with Claire MacDonald and Lenora Champagne. The 10 commissions of brand new pieces of writing were curated within an installation of open booths which housed the work by writing artists from the UK and the USA. Each performance text was written specifically to suit a technology which included a dictaphone, telephone, computer, tape recorder and microphone so it could be read/performed/recorded by participants within five minutes. The installation was open to the public, as well as delegates and artists of the Writing Encounters symposium at York St John University over the course of 2 days.

Curator’s Statement

When thinking about the possibilities of the commissions I decided to ask the artists to consider writing a text for a dictaphone, microphone, and computer, cassette recorder or a telephone. I imagined a space where the participant would have an intimate relationship with the material through such technologies. The ‘old school’ and current technologies enable the reader to record a/their/several versions of the text as an audio recording experience. I was particularly interested in how an artist might choose to write the page in response to their chosen technology and how the participant may encounter that writing by responding to their page and the recording medium. Each commissioned text was housed in a booth for collective participatory installation, and each booth represented the individuality and originality of each writing artist while simultaneously operating together as an eclectic yet connected experience. (Claire Hind 2008)

York / NEW YORK has been presented at

Writing Encounters, York St John University, Sept 2008

Neuberger Museum of Art, New York, Sept 2009

Norwegian Theatre Academy, Norway, March 2011