Text, Play, Performance


The work I make with students interrogates process and functions intertextually. I have a thorough and creative pedagogic formula that invites each individual student to engage in concept, process, text, research and composition. The core of my practice led teaching is to encourage the student to develop as a thinking artist, able to research, reflect and construct meaning from an intense process of making, and always through play.

Hamletmachine - by Heiner Müller

6 weeks of form. 6 weeks of learning lines. No content. No questions.
6 weeks of discourse, research, meaning, plenty of questions

12 weeks of compositional strategies
12 weeks of looking at and thinking on Robert Wilson, Pina Bausch, Bertolt Brecht
12 weeks of composing a music score, listening to Cage and Glass whilst reading Heiner Goebbels’ Text as Landscape

Hamletmachine Performed at Create 09 at York St John University

Four Rooms

Four rooms 6ft by 6ft with 5 audience members inside

4 texts:
The Room by Harold Pinter
Action by Sam Shepard
Beetle Juice under the influence of Peter Rose
Dallas (10 episodes of Sue Ellen and JR)

A formula for simultaneous performance – whispered, intimate and perfectly timed

Four Rooms was performed at Create 10 at York St John University

Corridor 49

Ensemble work
A long corridor of conceptual thinking around the idea of 1949, Cluedo and performers’ ancestry.
Worked and composed to a soundtrack of trains, bells and doors slamming.

Corridor 49 was performed at York St John University 2011